Theatre Project Day 3: Ghar Baar


(Please excuse the low res image)

So the Theatre Project continues this week..

Awishkar’s Ghar Baar is a one-act play that peeps into the lives of two senior citizens in a live-in relationship. Their travails are revealed through lovely banter and poignant moments. The middle class Maharashtrian’s need to validate his identity through his language is tackled yet again on stage and so are issues related to empty nest syndrome. The play is sincere as most Awishkar productions are, yet not particularly innovative. The only exception being the use of a sutradhar-cum-set designer, who helps lighten the mood between scenes. The lead actors are endearing in most scenes but fall short in the intense sequences, despite shedding tears. Perhaps a more age-appropriate cast would be better suited to the play. Then again it doesn’t help that the protagonist wears a baby pink Cherokee T-shirt with an upturned collar. It takes more than just whitening your hair to appear old, na.


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