Quasar’s top 5 reasons to catch his new play

A still from Q Theatre Production’s So Many Socks

It’s been three long years since Q (Quasar Thakore Padamsee) last directed a play, officially. The abbreviation-loving Ram Ganesh Kamatham’s mad play Project S.T.R.I.P. was where Q’s name last featured under the director’s tag. He’s been busy making a living, bringing other QTP plays on stage, Thespo and a million other things, but mostly the reason that he did not direct a new play in so long is because he wanted to take his time doing it. Q had read Tenzing Tsundue’s book of poems Kora nearly two years ago and his association with the poet-activist goes back even further in time. But So Many Socks is not a political play, he insists. Q wanted a large “bulk of time” so that he would not have to hurry the process of creating the play. So, from June through opening day, on September 6th, Q spent all his time developing So Many Socks, written by Annie Zaidi (who signed on to write the play because it sounded “like a weird and mad journey” according to Q).

It is really difficult for a director to pick *just* five reasons people should queue up to watch his play but Q has been brave. Here’s his Top 5 reasons to free up your schedule this weekend:

1. Annie’s characters are just so wonderful. Even though they’re intangible, they’re wonderful. There’s a poetry in her prose and it allows me so much freedom to interpret and take it forward.

2. Amey’s (Mehta, Dance Director at Temperance India) choreography is completely woven into the play. Every moment that I’m doing something even he’s in that space. In the credits he’s been called the Movement Director but he’s really the director of movement and I’m the director of words in the play.

3. The hilarious activist song by Suhas Ahuja that’s performed in the middle of the play.

4. Arghya’s (Lahiri) light design. Arghya has never worked with me as just a lighting designer. Ever. He’s not one of those who comes, draws a plan and then executes it. He brings in the extra level of trying to understand the text and what the vision is.

5. The ensemble of actors and the way they work together is something to watch out for. Each one has leapt out of their comfort zone to contribute to the play. This is a really generous group of people. Specifically, watch it for a girl called Shruti Mishra. This is her first play ever and she’s wonderful.

Catch the play on September 14, 15 (7 pm), 16 (4 pm and 7 pm) at KR Cama Auditorium, Opposite Lions Gate, Kala Ghoda.


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