Three things to take away from Diary of a Word

Ahlam Khan Karachiwala and Zafar Khan Karachiwala

Mr and Mrs Khan Karachiwala will be sharing their wedding gift with the audience tonight. Playwright-director Ramu Ramanathan, who has known Ahlam from her days as a student on Mumbai University’s Kalina Campus, wrote his latest play as a gift for the newly weds and now we get to shamelessly share their gift. Since Theatre Adda was privileged to get a sneak peek into a rehearsal of the play, here’s what I picked as the three things to watch out for (which is really difficult to do without giving much of the play and earning the wrath of its makers)…

1.) Zafar’s cool guitar skills.

2.) Ahlam’s super singing skills.

3.) Know how to pronounce daguerreotype (meaning: a direct positive made in the camera on a silvered copper plate. The surface of a daguerreotype is like a mirror, with the image made directly on the silvered surface; it is very fragile and can be rubbed off with a finger, and the finished plate has to be angled so as to reflect some dark surface in order to view the image properly. think spy-fi stuff)? I didn’t know either. But Zafar and Ahlam do. So learn from them.

On: December 8, 5.30 pm; At: Godrej Theatre, NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai. Call: 022-22824567


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